Standard Endotracheal tube

uncuffed & cuffed

1. Made of medical grade PVC, DEHP free available
2. Universal connector suitable to all related equipment and devices
3. Both uncuffed type and cuffed type available


Product introduction

Features & More Specifications:
1. Made of medical grade PVC, DEHP free available
2. High volume low pressure cuff to seal the airway without trauma
3. Atraumatic soft rounded-bevel tip and murphy eyes with less invasive
4. Oval cuff optional minimize contacting and less trauma to patient airway
5. Radiopaque line integrated whole tube enabling identification under radiographing
6. Universal connector suitable to all related equipmnt and devices
7. Customized graduation on tube available
8. Unit packing: rectangular paper-film pouch packing / banana packing
9. Bigger size (10.5mm, 11.0mm, 11.5mm, 12.0mm available for veterinary use mainly)


Size ID Item No./Cat. No.
mm Uncuffed HV-LP cuff Low profile cuff(blue)
2.0 EC110120UC - -
2.5 EC110125UC EC110125HC EC110125LC
3.0 EC110130UC EC110130HC EC110130LC
3.5 EC110135UC EC110135HC EC110135LC
4.0 EC110140UC EC110140HC EC110140LC
4.5 EC110145UC EC110145HC EC110145LC
5.0 EC110150UC EC110150HC EC110150LC
5.5 EC110155UC EC110155HC EC110155LC
6.0 EC110160UC EC110160HC EC110160LC
6.5 EC110165UC EC110165HC EC110165LC
7.0 EC110170UC EC110170HC EC110170LC
7.5 EC110175UC EC110175HC EC110175LC
8.0 EC110180UC EC110180HC EC110180LC
8.5 EC110185UC EC110185HC EC110185LC
9.0 EC110190UC EC110190HC EC110190LC
9.5 EC110195UC EC110195HC EC110195LC
10.0 EC110100UC EC110100HC EC110100LC

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