Endotracheal tube with evacuation lumen

with integrated suction lumen

1. Made of medical grade PVC
2. Be with integrated suction lumen design


Product introduction

Features & More Specifications:
1. Made of medical grade PVC
2. Only cuff type available usually
3. Be integrated with suction lumen to do mucus or liquid suction above balloon
4. Tube surface can be customized printing by special graduation or logo
5. Unit packing: polybag packing / banana shape blister packing


Size ID Item No./Cat. No.
mm HV-LP cuff Low profile cuff(blue)
6.0 EC110560HC EC110560LC
6.5 EC110565HC EC110565LC
7.0 EC110570HC EC110570LC
7.5 EC110575HC EC110575LC
8.0 EC110580HC EC110580LC
8.5 EC110585HC EC110585LC
9.0 EC110590HC EC110590LC

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